What’s That Light?

What’s That Light?

Wheel Sensor Issue

This is commonly a wheel speed sensor issue. It can cause loss of cruise control and in some cases, erratic shifting.


The DEF check message indicates the DEF level is getting low and needs to be filled. This message can clear after a few key cycles, but sometimes it can indicate an issue with the DEF system. If the engine countdown appears after a few key cycles, a DEF system error is occurring and needs to be addressed.

Full DEF indicator

This indicates a Full DEF tank on the higher end instrument cluster vans pre 2019s.Higher end clusters normally have steering wheel buttons vs no buttons on the steering wheel.

Brake Assist

This common light is found on the higher end Sprinters from 2019 and up. The most common issue is Collision Prevention Module, which means your van is out of alignment. This would need to be recalibrated at a MB dealer. Also, if it is still in bumper to bumper warranty, it would be at no cost to the owner.

Glow Plug

These sets of lights generally indicate one or more faulty glow plugs.

Full Oil Indicator

This light is found on newer 2019 and above Sprinters with the high line instrument cluster. This simply states that your oil level is ok and that it requires no further action. Clicking back on your steering wheel will bring back your mileage.

Engine Oil Overfill

This light indicates that too much oil has been added to the engine, regardless of the year, and needs to be reduced. Driving an extended period of time with this light on can cause possible engine damage. As of 2019, the vans do not come with a dipstick, so this light should be taken extra seriously since there is no way to check the oil without the electronic sensor.

Brake Wear

Generally this light is indicating your brake pads are needing replacement.

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