Sprinter 101

This page is a general overview to current or future Sprinters owners who may have basic questions about their van.

Photo: Justin C

Service Info

Oil change

  • Diesel motors: MB recommends 20,000 miles; however, we recommend between 10,000-15,000 miles so you are able to see a dealer, if you choose to, while in bumper to bumper warranty twice.
  • Gas motor: MB recommends 15,000, whereas we recommend 8,000-10,000 because we would rather be safe than sorry

Cabin & Engine Air Filter Replacements

  • Every B service or every 40,000 miles (for both diesel and gas)
  • The engine filter is the first line of defense for outside interference with your turbo, hence why we recommend this mileage.

Brake flush

  • Approximately every 40,000 miles or 2 years, whichever comes first

Transmission service

  • MB recommends 40,000 miles then 60,000 miles. We recommend every 40,000 miles. It may be expensive, but a new transmission is around $5,000.

Fuel filter replacement (Diesel models ONLY)

  • Approximately every 20,000-25,000 miles. (Time does not necessarily have to be a negative factor, but don’t exceed 2 years without getting it checked out)
  • First line of defense for high pressure fuel system.

Differential Service

  • Every 80,000 miles

Diesel Exhaust (2010-present models) Fluid/AD Blue (DEF)

What Should I Use?
  • Any type is fine, but the expiration date has to be checked since the DEF starts to lose potency also ENSURE THE DEF MEETS THE “ISO 22241” STANDARD (this should be printed on the bottle itself)
When is the Right Time to Fill Up DEF?
  • We generally recommend anytime you’re getting fuel just to top it off or before long road trips.Low DEF can cause your Sprinter to go into countdown mode or even be speed restricted to 15 mph, depending on the year and how many engine starts you went through.
Dos and Don’ts of Idling Your Van (2008-present models)

The warning: “Don’t idle your van too long, or you’ll damage your exhaust system” is true to an extent. If you have to idle your van for 4-6 hours without moving, make sure you drive it around on the highways for at least 45-60 minutes to heat up the exhaust system. This way, your van can burn off the soot build-up from idling. Be sure to also use the correct oil, which needs to be low ash oil. We recommend Mobile 1 5W30 ESP (green labeled bottle) since this is what most dealers carry and what MB recommends.

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