Sometimes a second opinion is needed. Below, we offer services and a brief description of each ones. Can’t find what you need? Feel free to email us and we will advise you on what service you need! After choosing a service, click the desired one which will take you to our Contact Us Page and let us know what you’d like.

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Sprinter Tech Direct Hours of Operation

7:30 a.m.-10:00 pm (EST)
$20 per hour

Phone call

Have a problem but aren’t sure where to go as far as diagnostics? Maybe you have the issue diagnosed but want to further your hunch. Give us a call and we will talk you through it! With our troubleshooting model used by Diagnostic Technicians, we will help prevent the dreaded “parts shotgun” and hopefully lead you towards the right fix the first time.

$30 per hour

Video diagnostic

Need a quick reminder on how to release your parking brake? Maybe you have an oil leak that needs to be seen immediately. Join a video call and we will inspect the issue first hand through your camera to see what we believe could be the issue.

$35 per hour

Vehicle purchase

You’ve checked out our “Should I Buy” tab and now you are ready to possibly pull the trigger on a new-to-you van, but you still aren’t sure how you feel about it. Use our vehicle purchase option to have us video chat with you to go over your findings and go more in depth with you on what should be inspected. Using our technology, we will run the VIN for any service information, recalls, and prior repairs that may not be known or being disclosed to the buyer.

$50 per hour

DIY Assistance

Are you looking to save a trip to the dealership and wanting to test your Sprinter fix it skills? Or maybe you are more of a DIY person but want some guidance in case you have a question? We will walk you through the job that you are performing whether that is using the correct torque specs or even professional shortcuts to getting the job done quickly and correctly.

$60 per hour

2nd opinion

So your van has been at the shop for a week and now they wanna charge you XYZ. They also inform you that it is going to take 18 hours of labor to fix your issue. Maybe they say it is not under warranty and that seems fishy. Contact us and we will contact the shop where your van is located. We will discuss their findings and will let you know what we think the best course of action is.

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